STORY Of Amonche And Black Soap In My Life

When I was 17 years at my home town in Pakyi # 2, at Asante in Ghana, my mother (Akosua Obour 1905 - 2015) instruct me to fetch for her ingredients to produce AMONCHE and BLACK SOAP (Alata Samina) and Shea Butter. 
When I arrive in USA in 1995, I went shopping at the supermarket and discovered that they were selling unnatural soaps there. I purchased one and I used it but I was not satisfied.
The soap that I purchased did not allow me to feel the natural affects of how the natural soaps that I had been using my whole life. I then decided the call my mother to tell her about my experience. I asked her to ship to me a ton of the soap that she makes, so that I could find a way to sell it here in the United States.
The first shipment that she sent me was easy for me to sell, so then I then decided that this is a business that I would like to continue in. I then called my family members to produce the soap because it sells in USA.
At the time I was working at Yale Club of NYC (1998 - 2011) as a houseman, while importing the soap and sell to companies. I quit my job in 2011 to go into the natural soap business.
Since the beginning of this journey, the business has expanded here in the states and also in Ghana. This business has provided an income for many families living in Pakyi #2.
We hope to be able to expand to employ people from neighboring villages also to provide employment for many more families.
Osei Bonsu,
Obonsu LLC

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